Piracetam is also known as Nootropyl.
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Known as an intelligence booster, providing oxygen to and enhancing communication between the left and right brain. Creativity, memory and ease in certain kinds of learning are also increased. The effects of this medication are increased by use in combination with Hydergine. Choline supplementation is recommended with  use.
It is indicated in the prevention and early treatment of Alzheimer's. It is also used for alcoholism, dyslexia, sickle-cell anemia, senile dementia, hypoxia(too little oxygen to the brain), and other conditions of age associated mental decline. No contraindications or toxicity problems.
Dosage is between 800 and 4800 mg per day, depending on purpose of treatment. It is often recommended to begin  treatment by taking a large single dose, i.e. 2400mg- 4000mg in order to facilitate patient response.  
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Possible insomnia if taken too late in the day or agitation,occasional gastrointestinal upsets, headaches.  
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