Ordering FAQ

  1. How do I change the products that I ordered... ?
  2. How do I cancel my order ... ?
  3. How do I change my shipping or payment method ... ?
  4. How do I change my shipping address ... ?
  5. What payment methods do you accept ... ?
  6. What happens if my credit card is declined ...?
  7. How do I pay by Western Union ... ?
  8. How do I pay by bank transfer ... ?
  9. What currency are your prices in ... ?
  10. How do I use the online shopping system ... ?
  11. I click order but it says my basket is empty why ... ?
  12. Is the ordering system secure ... ?


How do I change the products that I ordered... ?

We cannot change products unless they are returned to us unopened. We will only dispatch the next batch once the original item(s) have been returned.

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How do I cancel my order ... ?

If Your Order Has Shipped: We ship orders VERY quickly. If your order has already shipped, then it is too late to cancel the order. You will simply need to return the unopened product for a refund or exchange. Of course, the shipping fee can not be refunded since we had to pay the shipping company already

If Your Order Has NOT Shipped: If your order has not yet shipped, we can cancel it with no problem! Simply e-mail us at orders@offshore-pharma.com

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How do I change my shipping or payment method ... ?

Shipping methods or payment methods will not be able to be changed once an order is placed.

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How do I change my shipping address... ?

If the order has not been shipped this can be done by emailing us at orders@offshore-pharma.com. If the order has been shipped then there is nothing which can be done.

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What payment methods do you accept ... ?

Credit Or Debit Cards: This is the most popular choice by far. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

We will in the future also offer Paypal payment, Direct Bank Transfer, Online Check and if you cannot pay by any of the above mentioned methods then  you can pay via Western Union.

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What happens if my credit card is declined ... ?

Your credit card may be denied for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Over Your Spending Limit
  • Wrong Card Number Entered
  • Name On Card Not Correct
  • Billing Address Does Not Match What Your Credit Card Company Has On File
  • Internet Charges Are Not Authorized For Your Credit Card Account
  • Your New Credit Card Has Not Been Activated
  • Other: Call Your Bank. They Will Have A Record Of The Decline And The Reason

We do not know the reason for the decline since the credit card company will not relate this information to us. At least 60% of the declines are caused by customers entering in the wrong expiration date or name on card! Try the order again on our site if you know the card is good.

The information sent to us will be sent to the credit card reporting agency as we are lawfully required to do so just in case this was a fraudulent transaction. This is for your safety and nothing will happen if this was just a normal decline. We do prosecute fraud EVERY time.

Trying Again: If you fix the problem with your card or if you want to use a different card or payment method, simply re-submit your order online. We will process your order again right away!

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How do I pay by Western Union ... ?

Email us at wunion@offshore-pharma.com and we will send you the payment details. After which once payment is made you will have to email us with your transaction code. This code is given to you when sending a payment and is required by us to receive the payment.

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How do I pay by bank transfer ... ?

if you have no other convenient method of paying or if you are required to pay by secure funds, you can wire the money to our bank account. There may be fees that your bank may charge you for this service. If you would like to pay using this method please email us on wirefunds@offshore-pharma.com for more instructions.

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What currency are your prices in ... ?

All prices on our site are shown in US dollars. All foreign payments should be made in this currency. If you order by credit card, the credit card company will automatically convert your currency to US dollars and pay the appropriate amount. To view the current exchange rates, click here!

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How do I use the online shopping system ... ?

Not sure how to place an order using our online system? Here's help! We have tried to make it as simple and quick as possible, even for people that are not very computer literate.

Step One - Find Your Product

Find the product that you want to order. Once you find the product that you want, find the ORDER button that is next to it. Click the ORDER button to place it into your shopping cart. You can always remove it later or delete it. Clicking ORDER does NOT obligate you to order it. It is just like you are putting it into your shopping basket when you are at the grocery store.

Click back on your browser or the RETURN TO SHOPPING button at the bottom of the shopping cart to keep shopping for more products. If you are ready to checkout, go to Step Two below.

Changing Quantity: To change the quantity that you are ordering, type the number that you want in the QUANTITY column next to the items that you want to update. Then click the RECALCULATE button to get the new price total.

Removing Products: To remove products from your shopping cart, type a zero in the QUANTITY column and then click the RECALCULATE button.

Clearing Your Basket: To start over with an empty shopping cart, simply click the CLEAR BASKET button.

Step Two - Choose Your Shipping And Payment Options

Once you have clicked ORDER next to all the products that you want, it is time to send the order to us for quick processing. Make sure that all the products in your cart are exactly what you want. We ship very quickly so sometimes it is tough to make changes to your order after it has been placed.

Choose Shipping Option:  You can choose International Speed Post Courier or International Postal Mail. Info about these choices are in the SHIPPING FAQ page.

Choose Payment Option: see above for payment methods

Separate Billing And Shipping Address? If the address that you want the products shipped to is different from the one on your credit card or PayPal account, you must check this box. You will then have a chance to enter your billing address and shipping address separately. Not giving us your correct billing address may cause your order to be declined or delayed.

Once you are done making your choices, click on the FINALIZE ORDER button at the bottom.

Step Three - Enter Your Comments, Address, And Payment Info

Order Comments OR Choose Your Free Gift: If you need to give us additional information for filling your order, you may type a few sentences here. Our shipping team will see these comments before filling your order. 

Enter Your Billing And Shipping Address: Enter your billing and shipping addresses in the appropriate places. Here are some tips:

    Name: Enter your full name.
    Company: If you are shipping to a company, enter the name here. If not, leave this blank.
    Email: Enter your full e-mail address. This is required so we can send you a receipt, a shipping confirmaton and let you know if there are any problems. We PROMISE to NEVER give your e-mail address to anybody no matter what and we will not send you any spam.
    Address: Enter your street address.
    Address2: If you need a second line for your street address, enter it here. Otherwise, leave it blank.
    City: Enter your city here. APO or FPO addresses should enter "APO" or "FPO" here.
    State/Province: Enter your state or province here. APO or FPO addresses should enter "AP" or "AE" here.
    Phone Number: This is required. We will only use this if there is a problem with your order that can not be handled over e-mail. This is a very rare situation.
    Country: Enter your country here. APO/FPO addresses should enter "USA" here. 

Enter Your Payment Information: This last step is where you will enter your payment info. Follow the guides detailed in the previous FAQ's above.

Step Four - Finalize Your Order!

Verify your address and payment info one last time to be sure it is 100% correct. Click on FINALIZE ORDER. Congratulations! You are done. On the next screen you will get your order number and a copy of your receipt. You will receive a receipt by e-mail also. You will then be notified by e-mail when your orders ships or if there are any problems with your order.

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I click order but it says my basket is empty why ... ?

After you click ORDER, the product should show up in your shopping basket. If it says, "Your shopping basket is empty." then you most likely need to turn on the "cookies" in your browser.

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Is the ordering system secure ... ?

The ordering system is hosted on our third party payment processors secure server so yes it is very secure.

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