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Known as the "anti-aging aphrodisiac", Deprenyl was originally developed as an advanced treatment for Parkinson's disease, but was found to have profound life-extension effects as well. It has also been successfully used as an anti-depressant especially effective when combined with phenylalanine.
As a treatment in Alzheimer's, Deprenyl studies showed improvement in attention and memory. Deprenyl slows the breakdown of neurotransmitters in the brain and increases the release of dopamine.There has been much research and literature in the past few years about the broad spectrum of aging related symptoms which Deprenyl can treat successfully.
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For Alzheimer's patients 10 mg per day. For depression 5-10 mg per day with 500mg of l-phenylalanine. Other uses for life-extension 1-5 mg per day depending on age. Deprenyl doses have to be reduced if taken in conjunction with other smart drugs such as Hydergine and Piracetam.  
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At lower dosages, there seems to be no precaution required. Some interaction with MAO inhibitors at extremely high (50-60mg) doses.  
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