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Legal and cheap purchase of Prescription medicines. Easy credit card payment for medicines with online ordering. When ordering prescription medicines from us you will be required to complete an online medical consultation form during checkout in the ordering process to obtain a free prescription. The consultation process is completely free of charge. The information submitted will be reviewed together with your order by a registered physician. If authorised (currently 99.9% of orders are authorised) your order will be processed and shipped with your prescription. Upon ordering from our online pharmacy during the final stage of the checkout process complete the consultation form and then press the submit button otherwise your whole order will not be successfully processed by the payment system. online pharmacy currently features prescription medications for a whole array of ailments.  These are prescription drugs but can be imported from an overseas pharmacy such as ours according to the FDA personal importation rule.
We possess a medical trading license which enables us to buy many popular medicines directly from large wholesalers or manufacturers in third world countries at substantially discounted pricesMany household name multinational manufacturers have plants in third world countries.

We will endeavor to bring the customer the cheapest, quality products available anywhere. We will be adding to our list of products in the near future.  Many countries allow individuals to legally import 3-month supplies of prescription and/or unapproved drugs, provided the intent is for personal use and not for resale. Please check the import regulations on the purchase of prescription medications for your country. Further you must read our terms and conditions. These are the conditions you must agree to before any purchase can be made.

We will be shipping worldwide. See our ordering FAQ and our shipping FAQ

By ordering medications from overseas you realize a substantial savings on doctor bills. Like all medications, the pills sold on this site have side effects, and should not be taken without caution. Please carefully read the prescribing information provided by the drug manufacturers before ordering. Ideally you should have sought medical advise from a qualified physician. 

We would also like to obtain feedback from our customers in order that we can improve our service so please feel free to email us with any positive or negative feedback.  Please email us to send us feedback on all aspects of our company and service. Order queries may be addressed via this email link also.


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